Your mindset is like the software in your brain that shapes how you think and behave.

We use an innovative framework to analyze your mindset and highlight crucial areas for improvement, so you can build better habits and make smarter decisions.

Our framework

We’ve found that high achievers share 8 defining traits:

  • They’re ambitious and realistic.
  • They’re present-focused and forward-thinking.
  • They’re methodical and spontaneous.
  • They’re conscientious and understanding.

Understand your mindset

Self-awareness is the key to building good habits and maintaining an organized routine, without relying on discipline.

We test each of the 8 traits to categorize your mindset into 1 of 16 types.

Uncover your blindspots

Your blindspots are the traits you need to develop, to build habits more effectively.

With our framework, you’ll know exactly where you’re at and what steps you need to take to move in the right direction.

Upgrade your lifestyle

A better lifestyle requires a better mindset.

Identifying your blindspots is an essential step to avoid making the same habit-building mistakes repeatedly and unknowingly.


  • Learn how to improve your mindset, by pinpointing where you currently stand and uncovering your unique blindspots.

  • Discover new methods for better decision-making and strategic planning, based on your results.
  • Consistently stick to the good habits you’d like to be and break bad habits that are holding you back.

  • Develop productive routines to optimize your performance and actualize your potential.

Is this for me?

Do you have habits you’re struggling to build or stick to? If so, this test is for you.

If you’re in this position, you need to uncover your blindspots, so that you can change your thinking and attain better results. Our mindset analysis is your personal roadmap to consistent habits and smarter decision-making.

How it works

The mindset test is made up of 48 multiple choice questions. After taking it, you will receive a comprehensive breakdown of your results. This includes:

  • Your mindset type and scores
  • Your unique blindspots and their explanation
  • Examples of how these blindspots undermine attempts to build new habits
  • Practical advice for correcting these issues before they even arise
  • A thorough list of tailored resources to help you even further

Improve your mindset, today.

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