January '21 - Highlights

‘Highlights’ is the best of what we tuned into. This month: Calisthenics Motivation, Flow State and 30 Days of Yoga

Podcast // Date: January 20, 2021

Steven Kotler on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast

“Prolific author Steven Kotler has done the research to become the modern maven of FLOW STATE. This podcast not only describes all of the astounding performance benefits of this intensely pleasurable neuro-hormonal state, it also gives concrete takeaways to harness it for your benefit.”

(05:50 – 07:03) What is flow?

(08:34 – 10:01) Three levels of happiness

(10:49 – 11:51) Autotelic experiences

(13:23 – 15:37) Preconditions that lead to ‘more flow’

(17:10 – 18:42) Heightened creativity during flow and lasting effects

(19:23 – 19:58) Your biology working for you rather than against you

(20:00 – 20:20) Flow was adapted for us to deal with crisis situations

(20:21 – 21:43) Finding a primary flow activity during Covid-19

(22:44 – 23:58) What does a flow state actually amplify?

(23:59 – 25:03) The evolutionary importance of flow

(25:18 – 26:16) How flow triggers work

(26:19 – 27:41) External vs. intrinsic motivators

(27:42 – 30:03) The importance of intrinsic motivators

(30:08 – 31:48) The role of purpose

(34:34 – 38:43) Using fear as a motivator

(38:50 – 41:38) Three levels of goal-setting

(42:05 – 43:48) Process goals vs. outcome goals

(44:15 – 46:20) How having goals affects motivation

(47:40 – 50:14) Planning clear goals for the next day

(50:55 – 56:28) Keeping your word to yourself

(56:33 – 1:01:35) Stopping while you’re still excited

(1:01:37 – 1:06:22) Restoring from flow, avoiding burnout

(1:07:07 – 1:09:40) Personality vs. biology, psychology vs. neuroscience

(1:10:06 – 1:12:31) Introverts, extroverts, creatives

(1:13:37 – 1:15:43) Convergent vs. divergent thinking

(1:15:44 – 1:20:36) The importance of immediate feedback

(1:23:23 – 1:25:51) Using books to accelerate learning

(1:25:53 – 1:28:42) Flow starts with struggle

Video // Date: Jan 18, 2021

THE Man of THE House (vs) a man in a house

Mark Queppet is the founder of Universal Man. He teaches guys how to avoid the pitfalls of modern technology and enhance their lives and productivity. In this video, he expands on the topic of leadership.

Video // Date: January 3, 2021

Insane Calisthenics Workout Motivation - Calisthenics Family

To celebrate 100k subscribers on YouTube, Calisthenics Family (brothers Michael and Yannick) released a 🔥 edit for their followers. The video is a great watch for some workout motivation and a couple tunes for your gym playlist.

Be sure to stay tuned for our interview with Michael and Yannick, coming out later this year.

Songs included:

Tape Machines – Call on Me (STRLGHT Remix) [Instrumental Version]

STRLGHT – Clutch

Video // Date: January 2, 2021

Why Men Still Struggle With Women

David Hammond releases regular content through his YouTube channel, which we’ve featured here before. Here he explains how we can become overly attached to the idea of an outcome and how this can affect not only our romantic relationships but our friendships as well.

Video Series // Date: Jan 1, 2021-Jan 31, 2021

BREATH - A 30 Day Yoga Journey

BREATH is a 30 day yoga series by YogaWithAdriene. Flexibility is essential for avoiding injury in the gym and performing advanced calisthenics movements, and yoga is a good route to take to build a habit of stretching. It’s far more interesting than static stretches, and also improves your balance and coordination. As a lot of us are stuck at home right now, it’s an easy time to get into it, and this series is a great place to start.

Old but Gold

Older content we found this month.

Podcast // Date: June 5, 2019

Naval Ravikant on the Joe Rogan Experience

Naval Ravikant came from very little to become a successful entrepreneur, but his knowledge is more diverse than just wealth creation – he also dives into the political system, the impact of technology and how to navigate it all in order to be happy and create a life you enjoy. If you’re more interested in just entrepreneurship, check out his podcast on that here.

0:24 – When you combine very different skills, people get interested

1:11 – Why we should live a diverse lifestyle

2:10 – On starting over

3:30 – Memorisation vs understanding

5:34 – Naval’s reading technique

7:26 – A short attention span vs multitasking

8:10 – Social media and our self image

9:29 – On wealth and fame

12:03 – Naval’s podcast discussing principles for timeless wealth creation

15:38 – Happiness is a choice, it requires work

18:20 – Be picky with what you desire

19:32 – The growing importance of calm and happiness for success

21:41 How and why to work smart

23:18 – Why you need equity to get rich

23:59 – The future work environment

28:40 – Automation, and mitigating potential job losses

30:49 – The issue with universal basic income (UBI)

32:21 – A better alternative to UBI

33:08 – Why we’re far away from general AI

39:22 – The benefit to automation

 39:48 – Instating UBI is a slippery slope

40:43 – Capitalism should provide equal opportunity, not equal outcome

42:38 – Wealth creation and blaming capitalism for the economy

43:31 – The problem with socialism

45:17 – A solution to unequal opportunity

46:24 – Privilege is a nonsensical argument

46:58 – On attacking white privilege – how classism is conflated with racism

48:44 – Using social media to rant and virtue signalling

51:33 – The pros and cons of social media

53:04 – Our base desires are being exploited to make money

55:51 – Why the news is becoming increasingly biased

58:50 – The future of media and news companies

1:00:10 – Explaining who the most powerful people in the world today are

1:01:01 –  Social media and silicon valley being captured by politics

1:04:03 – The future of social media in regards to free speech

1:06:13 – Political polarisation in silicon valley

1:07:25 – “Technology leads the world left”

1:08:53 – Why universities are losing credibility – the politicisation of science

1:12:40 – There’s no room for understanding the other political side

1:13:51 – How to create a good system

1:14:17 – More on black and white thinking in politics

1:15:14 – How the US political system fuels curbs independent thought

1:16:44 – The pitfalls of modern society: overstimulation, constant distraction

1:19:11 – A cure – meditation: “The art of doing nothing”

1:23:54 – Why Naval strives for internal peace, and how to find it

1:25:05 – “The best way to change the world is to change yourself”

1:26:34 – The solution to climate change lies in technology

1:31:35 – The benefits of writing

1:32:17 – The dangers of having an ego about being ‘smart’

1:36:08 – The meaning of life

1:40:00 – Why wealth is often a precursor to peace and happiness 

1:41:33 – Everybody can be rich

1:43:42 – Nuclear power is the way out of the energy trap

1:46:04 – How wealth and happiness are related

1:47:24 – Finding peace of mind, more accurately peace from mind

1:49:03 – How to not sacrifice today for a better tomorrow

1:52:30 – “You can’t get rich renting out your time”

1:53:49 – The hardest things to do are the most worthwhile

1:55:35 – the victim mentality and why it’s damaging

1:56:06 – On being happy – choose to change your perspective

1:58:10 – On being happy and successful – choose your desires carefully

1:58:53 – How Naval became more happy

2:01:44 – The disease of wanting to sound smart

2:03:44 – The dangers of success and how to navigate them

2:05:53 – Know what your time is worth

2:07:53 – More advice for happiness: enjoying the process for its own sake

2:09:15 – How and why Naval’s turned his work into play

Text Post // Date: September 21, 2017

“Just because you’re sweating buckets, doesn’t mean you’re getting stronger, and just because you’re straining against heavy resistance, doesn’t mean you’re getting any bigger.”

u/mo92 breaks down ego lifting in this post – why being too concerned with how hard your workouts are probably won’t give you the results you want. It’s a less popular topic in the fitness sphere, most people want to push themselves too far straight away, so they can feel proud of how much ‘hard work’ they’re putting in. But most people have also already given up on their fitness goals, a month into the new year.

“Knowing when and how to push hard is a more subtle skill than people realise, and stimulation junkies and difficulty braggers aren’t necessarily the people making the best gains. Test yourself occasionally, but know that the majority of good work happens in the less extreme ranges.”

This post is a useful quick read for anyone looking to work smarter and turn fitness into a long term lifestyle, and a good reminder for those who are already on that path.

Book // Date: July 6, 2012

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It by Kamal Ravikant

To avoid favouritism, we’ve included Naval’s brother, Kamal, in this month’s highlights.

This book is based on the same concept as the Aubrey Marcus podcast episode with Joe Dispenza from last month’s highlights. Essentially, you are what you practice. Feeling good about yourself, loving yourself, is no different.

Kamal lays out his formula to self love, which is more similar to a workout routine than a philosophical text. It’s a set of daily practices he followed to develop self love.

It’s also a personal story as well as a practical workbook. Kamal wears his heart on his sleeve, writing in detail how he went from rock bottom to developing self love and finding peace.

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