February '21 - Highlights

Video // Date: February 18, 2021


Zac Perna is an online fitness coach and YouTube personality. In this video he offers 5 tips to help with getting you motivated to hit the gym. Zac emphasises the importance in making fitness an enjoyable part of your lifestyle, with practical advice to help in doing so.

Tip 1: Know that it gets easier (1:34)
2:02 – Know your ‘why’, use videos/books (e.g. David Goggins – Can’t Hurt Me) for that initial fire
3:11 – Motivation follows action; as you notice small improvements you’ll become more motivated

Tip 2: Don’t give yourself a choice (4:03)
4:31 – Your willpower is finite; use it wisely (e.g. get your gym clothes ready the night before to make it easier the next day)
5:59 – Make fitness a part of your identity; act like the person you want to become

Tip 3: Focus on progression (7:39)
8:48 – Focus on incremental progress for sustainability; focus on how you’re performing more so than how you’re looking
9:52 – Learn to cook

Tip 4: Focus on the mental benefits (10:20)
11:07 – Use your workouts as a chance to push yourself mentally

Tip 5: Make it enjoyable (12:08)
12:50 – This is a lifestyle so make sure you enjoy it (e.g. make sure your diet is enjoyable; it can and it should be)
14:28 – Focus on enjoying the process; it shouldn’t feel like you’re torturing yourself
15:22 – Don’t beat yourself up for falling off the wagon; it’s part of the process

Video // Date: February 15, 2021

Self-Talk Is the Ultimate Psychological Superpower

Mark Queppet is the founder of Universal Man, where he teaches guys how to avoid the pitfalls of modern technology, enhance their productivity and achieve their goals. Here he discusses how to shift our emotions so that they motivate us for our goals, rather than holding us back.

Video // Date: February 14, 2021

The Best Type Of Training?! (Issues With Social Media)

Tom Merrick is a fitness coach specialising in calisthenics (i.e. bodyweight strength) and mobility. After years of training and coaching other people, Tom’s found that making progress in training comes down to doing the basic movements well and doing them consistently.

Stay tuned for our interview with Tom coming out later this year.

Video // Date: February 7, 2021

The Perfect Shoulder Mobility Routine for a Strong Rotator Cuff

Shoulder injuries are all too common in the world of fitness. In this video Yannick, from Calisthenics Family, covers a range of shoulder mobility exercises to keep your rotator cuffs in check and avoid injury.

Stay tuned for our interview with Calisthenics Family coming out later this year.

Podcast // Date: February 4, 2021

Robert Greene on How Lack of Emotional Control Will Ruin You | Conversations with Tom

Robert Greene is the bestselling author behind books like The 48 Laws of Power and Mastery. In this podcast he explains why we should strive to cultivate greater self-awareness and how we can do so.

Being Irrational | Robert reveals how our emotional brain actually dictates our decisions. [0:21​]

Stand Back | Robert reveals the power of stepping back and analyzing your emotions. [5:17​]

Practices | Robert reveals how to stop letting your emotional mind control your life. [11:10​]

Conditioned | Robert reveals how you’ve been conditioned by the current environment. [15:10​]

Awareness | Robert reveals how to stop letting the world condition you. [21:09​]

Power | Robert reveals why we all truly desire and need power to live a healthy life. [25:50​]

Shadow Side | Robert reveals how your inner aggressive side influences you. [32:13​]

Using Anger | Robert reveals how to use your anger as a powerfully positive force. [40:23​]

Today’s Culture | Robert reveals how today’s PC culture is part of a historical cycle. [49:06​]

Revolution | Robert reveals how the United States can possibly see another revolution. [54:40​]

Generations | Robert reveals how older generations should interact with today’s youth. [56:22​]

Change | Robert discusses how change is a much-needed powerful force. [59:36​]

Golden Age | Robert discusses the golden age of Athena, strategy, and the classics. [1:07:08​]

Anarchy | Robert reveals the surprising positive elements of anarchy and change. [1:16:16​]

Dangers | Robert reveals the dangers of cultures that refuse to change or adapt. [1:20:03​]

Cultural Direction | Robert reveals the dangers of where PC culture may be leading us. [1:23:53​]

Sublime | Robert reveals how sublime is a mixture of pain and pleasure. [1:27:26​]

Limitations | Robert reveals how he makes the absolute most out of bad situations. [1:34:44​]

Connect | Robert reveals how you can continue to engage with him to learn more. [1:37:41​]

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