Learn how to control and optimize your social media habits, with our free 1-week email course:

If you're here it's because:

1. You want to stop wasting your time scrolling on social media

2. You want to build a solid screen-free morning or evening routine

3. You know how many hours you could be reclaiming each week to put towards living a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle

4. You also understand that by following the right content creators online, you can build an empowering mindset and better habits

5. You don’t want to quit social media, you just want to consume it on your terms

How It Works:

This course will help you to work smarter, not harder. It does not require you to:

  • Grit your teeth and force yourself to ‘do the right thing’
  • Follow any kind of challenge or dopamine detox
  • Never be able to chill out on your phone again

Discipline tends to desert us when we most need it. That’s why our approach is set up to work even when you’re tired or unmotivated.

To do this, we help you to understand why your digital habits are the way they are. With this self-awareness, we can start to make the good habits easier, and the bad habits harder.

Throughout the course, we help you to see the ways in which you do the opposite of this – the mistakes you’re making that you’re not even aware of, but that trip you up all the same.

You’ve probably tried one or more of these before:

  • Setting screen time limits for yourself
  • Apps that reward you for not going on your phone
  • Enabling a widget to show you your screen time
  • Deleting all social media apps, only to reinstall them later
  • Promising you’ll stop in moments of motivation

While all of these can work, they’re blunt tools.

Seeing as social media is so cleverly designed to be addictive, we need to create equally clever systems. Routines that work with our impulses, while still pushing us towards our goals.

While deliberate change is never completely effortless, it can certainly be made very easy.

You Will Learn:

  • How to turn mindless browsing into quality learning time, with almost no extra effort
  • Smart systems for avoiding getting sucked into social media
  • How you can build screen-free morning and evening routines
  • How to manage your time relaxing on your phone, so it’s guilt-free
  • How to build these habits so that you’re consistent with them long-term

Learn how to control and optimize your social media habits, with our free 1-week email course:

A Note From Us:

Charles Myan

Rowan MacDonald

Working for ourselves for the past 3+ years, we had no one to stop us wasting all our time scrolling through social media, if we chose to.

At the same time, we had a goal – to build a business helping people to achieve their lifestyle goals by changing their mindset, understanding their habits, and leveraging the new opportunities presented by the internet.

But when we set that goal, we didn’t know the first thing about business. So naturally, we turned to the best resource available – the internet.

We needed to learn fast, which meant all the content we consumed on a day-to-day basis had to be focused on this one goal.

Over those 3 years, we developed habits that allowed us to consume high-quality content that pushed us toward our goal almost every time we picked up our phones. Even when we were tired, and just mindlessly browsing.

At the same time, we learned how to insulate ourselves from the distracting content, not through developing some David Goggins level of discipline, but through building greater self-awareness, and applying a few simple, yet clever principles.

This is what we’ll present to you in this course. We hope you enjoy it!

Charles & Rowan