Profit Wise: Key Lessons

Profit Wise by Jeff Morrill: Key Lessons Introduction “You are the biggest obstacle to success in your life. Luck does play a huge part, but I’ve seen privileged people squander their good fortune, and I’ve seen a few people beat long odds to make winning hands out of crappy cards. Until we create a society

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The Wim Hof Method: Key Lessons

The Wim Hof Method Overview In short, Wim Hof is a crazy bastard with a great message and an inspiring story. From running a marathon in the desert to climbing mountains in just shorts, he’s a living, breathing counter-argument to everything you thought the human body was incapable of enduring. ‘The Wim Hof Method’ provides

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Mindfulness: The New Gym

Mindfulness: The New Gym We go to the gym because our modern world no longer requires us to be fit – we’re not lifting rocks or hunting animals, instead, most of our waking hours are spent sitting at a desk and then sitting on a couch. Because of this, working out is a habit that

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